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Another example of insurance protection in action

The Facts

In December 2005, Troy and Theresa applied for a loan through their mortgage broker Robert Trewin. Troy was aged 29 and Theresa was 36 and they had 3 young children. At the time, Robert also arranged protection for their mortgage.

Troy was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident two months ago in September 2007.

Theresa received a claim payment of $165,000 shortly after contacting ALI.

The Mortgage Client – Theresa Coppa

“My first husband died in a car crash and who would have thought I would experience losing Troy in a motorcycle accident a few years later? Troy died very recently and it’s been extremely traumatic for the kids and also for me. He was on a trail bike, not speeding, and he hit a tree that had fallen onto the road and he was pinned between branches. He suffered horrific chest injuries.

A lot of people aren’t aware about the importance of having protection for their mortgage. I suppose I became aware after my first husband died. Before the accident I was working in two jobs and have since stopped working. My bosses have been great and are holding my jobs open for me if I want to return.

With the $165,000 I will clear the mortgage and also some other debts. I wouldn’t have been able to manage without this money, as my income wouldn’t have been enough to meet the monthly repayments as well as provide for the whole family – I can’t tell you how huge a weight this is off my shoulders. It’s hard enough coping emotionally as it is and I would also have to be working 24/7 to cope financially.

I am really happy with Robert Trewin and he has been brilliant. After the accident he phoned me to ask if there was anything he could do to help and he was really supportive.

The service ALI has provided has been great and couldn’t have been any better. The day after contacting them, I received a claim form! One just doesn’t know what’s around the corner and life for me and my kids would have been unimaginable if we didn’t take protection for our mortgage”.

The Mortgage Broker – Robert Trewin – National Mortgage Brokers, VIC

“I really look after all of my clients and offering protection is an important part of doing that. The ALI product is excellent and is so simple to offer.

When my clients sign their mortgage documents, in a low key way I simply point out that I have a duty to discuss protection for their mortgage, remind them that the unexpected does happen to people and then take them through what the product covers. Most of my clients continue with their cover after the end of the 3 month free period.

Things happen to the best of us. One of my best mates passed away suddenly leaving a wife and 3 young children. He was as fit and strong as a bull. We really do need to consider protecting ourselves and our families. I would also like to point out that I am not a hypocrite and have ample cover for both myself and my family. I believe in protecting not only myself but also giving my clients the same opportunity.

Just try and imagine how I would have felt discussing options with a distraught Theresa, who after losing Troy was worried about how she could afford to keep a roof over their heads….thankfully I did my job and arranged the protection and it is one less issue for Theresa to have to deal with.”

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